Before Induction of anaesthesia:

  • Patient has confirmed:
  • Identity, Site, Procedure & Consent
  • Site marked / Not applicable
  • Anaesthesia safety check completed
  • Pulse oximeter on patient and functioning
  • Does patient have a known allergy?
  • Difficult airway / aspiration risk?
  • Risk of >500ml blood loss

Before skin incision:

  • Confirm all team members have introduced themselves by name and role
  • Surgeon, anaesthesia professional and nurse verbally confirm:
  • Patient, Site & Procedure
  • Anticipated critical events
  • Anaesthesia team reviews
  • Nursing team reviews
  • Has antibiotic prophylaxis been given within the last 60 minutes
  • Is essential imaging displayed

Before patient leaves operating room:

  • The name of the procedure recorded
  • Instrument, sponge and needle counts are correct
  • Specimen if any has been labelled correctly
  • Any equipment problem noted
  • Any key concerns for recovery and management of patient